ETF BILD Represented at Industry Conference

At ETF Global’s fall ETP Forum, co-founders John Jacobs and Bibb Strench participated in a panel discussion on regulatory, industry and legal issues in the ETF industry. The discussion included developments surrounding product approval process, custom baskets, nontransparent ETFs, and the SEC’s “ETF Rule.” ETP Forum is a comprehensive one day program that has been built […]

ETF BILD Participates in Thompson Hine ETF & Alts Conference

ETF BILD Co-Founders Bibb Strench, John Jacobs, Richard Keary, and Justin Meise discussed converting mutual funds to ETFs and its implication on the industry at the Thompson Hine ETF & Alts Conference in New York City on September 18, 2019. Other conference participants included NYSE, Natixis, JMP Securities, CBOE, and FS Investments.

Regulatory, Operational Headwinds Slowing But Not Stopping ETF Innovation

The recent conversation from the SEC referencing the competitiveness of the ETF industry points a finger at some of the challenges the industry faces but there remains plenty of opportunity. The large firms have scale, thus access to larger concentration of AUM; however, the smaller players have the entrepreneurial spirit and the strength of innovation, […]

Bibb Strench in Barron’s

Bibb Strench, partner at Thompson Hine and co-founder of ETF BILD, provides an attorney’s perspective on Precidian Investments’ newly created ETF structure, ActiveShares, in Crystal Kim’s Barron’s piece, “Fund Firms Got the Active ETFs They Wanted — and Now They’re Mad.”

Direct Indexing: ETFs — Friend or Foe

April 2019 Since 2014, direct indexing has been thought of as a potential threat over the ETF industry, but only recently has it become more prevalent. Direct indexing has many advantages that have come to the forefront in recent years: enhancements in portfolio construction, tax harvesting and the demand for passive products. Though these are […]

Market Volatility

February 1, 2019 Speed of Information – Not ETFs, Algos or HFT Why when the markets go down or become volatile do people blame ETFs, algorithms and HFT (high-frequency trading) when the real, and perhaps less obvious, culprit is speed of information? Maybe it is human nature to build up success stories – ETFs – […]

Preparing for the Next Generation of Actively Managed ETFs

January 29, 2019 Key Notes: Many expect the SEC to soon approve newer versions of exemptive relief for the next generation of actively managed ETFs, which differ in how they keep the ETF’s strategy secret, how they support the arbitrage process and potential intellectual property (IP) protection. Five applicants have received and responded to SEC […]

Interview with Rick Redding of the Index Industry Association

December 5, 2018 From time to time, ETF BILD has the opportunity to discuss a variety of issues and topics with prominent individuals in the ETF industry. In connection therewith, we seek comments from our readership resulting in a full and thoughtful discussion around the issues and topics vital to the ETF Industry. Recently, ETF […]

ETF BILD Submits Comment Letter to SEC on ETF Rule

October 1, 2018 Via E-mail [] Mr. Brent J. Fields Secretary U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 100 F Street, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20549-1090 Re:  Release Nos. 33-10515 and IC-33140 (File No. S7-15-18): Exchange-Traded Funds; Proposed Rule Dear Mr. Fields: Thank you for the opportunity to submit this letter in response to the request for comments […]