ETFs in large part are regulated by a single statute, the Investment Company Act of 1940 (1940 Act). While most agree that the statute over the many years of its existence has done an admirable job of regulating ETFs (and mutual funds) and protecting their shareholders, it nevertheless contains a number of surprising provisions including […]

COVID Accelerating Digital Distribution Trends

By Richard Keary and Justin Meise, co-founders of ETF BILD | July 16, 2020 The ETF industry was built on a spirit of innovation – and in the time of COVID, ETF leaders are once again proving how adept the industry is at developing new solutions to challenges … and challenges there are aplenty. Despite […]

How Covid-19 Will Change the Conference Model and ETF Marketing, Maybe Forever

Co-founders Justin Meise and Bibb Strench discuss the potential effects Covid-19 will have on the conference model and ETF marketing in their featured ETF Trends article: The ETF industry has seen its share of crisis in its relatively short history, yet Covid-19 certainly presents unique challenges and will test the industry’s ability to adapt and innovate. Among the challenges, […]

Co-founder of ETF BILD featured on Nasdaq TradeTalks

Co-founder Richard Keary discusses ETF market structure and how strong its performing despite the coronavirus with Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks. Watch the full segment:

Is it time for ETF Innovation to Shift from Products to Product Distribution?

The ETF industry is celebrating its latest impressive innovation: The non-transparent active ETF structure. The concept is so novel and has so many applications that the providers lined up to offer this product have not yet standardized the name for them. They have been referred to as non-transparent or semi-transparent, actively managed ETFs; active shares; […]

A Guide for Inside ETFs

The annual trek to sunny South Florida is once again upon the ETF industry; a time to reflect, prognosticate and network with our colleagues at the Inside ETFs Conference. It is an interesting time in the industry; change continues to be the only constant, but it feels like it is developing more rapidly these days. […]

ETF BILD Represented at Industry Conference

At ETF Global’s fall ETP Forum, co-founders John Jacobs and Bibb Strench participated in a panel discussion on regulatory, industry and legal issues in the ETF industry. The discussion included developments surrounding product approval process, custom baskets, nontransparent ETFs, and the SEC’s “ETF Rule.” ETP Forum is a comprehensive one day program that has been built […]

ETF BILD Participates in Thompson Hine ETF & Alts Conference

ETF BILD Co-Founders Bibb Strench, John Jacobs, Richard Keary, and Justin Meise discussed converting mutual funds to ETFs and its implication on the industry at the Thompson Hine ETF & Alts Conference in New York City on September 18, 2019. Other conference participants included NYSE, Natixis, JMP Securities, CBOE, and FS Investments.

Regulatory, Operational Headwinds Slowing But Not Stopping ETF Innovation

The recent conversation from the SEC referencing the competitiveness of the ETF industry points a finger at some of the challenges the industry faces but there remains plenty of opportunity. The large firms have scale, thus access to larger concentration of AUM; however, the smaller players have the entrepreneurial spirit and the strength of innovation, […]

Bibb Strench in Barron’s

Bibb Strench, partner at Thompson Hine and co-founder of ETF BILD, provides an attorney’s perspective on Precidian Investments’ newly created ETF structure, ActiveShares, in Crystal Kim’s Barron’s piece, “Fund Firms Got the Active ETFs They Wanted — and Now They’re Mad.”