Webinar On-Demand – ETF BILD’s Insider Series for Industry Professionals Webinar

During this webinar, our presenters provide a unique inside look into the intriguing world of ETFs. They delve into the process of how ETFs lend their portfolio securities for fees, a practice that enhances their returns and is seamlessly facilitated by custodian banks.

“Securities Lending by ETFs” marks the inaugural session of a series of webinars where we will unravel the fundamental building blocks of the operations of an ETF. Watch as we explore the key industry participants and offer valuable insights into one of history’s most impactful financial products.


  • John L. Jacobs, Chairman of VettaFi, Creator of QQQ, ETF Board Member
  • Stephanie A. Kay, Vice President, Director of Securities Lending, U.S. Bancorp Asset Management, Inc.