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Your Summer ETF Reading List

Vanguard Group eliminates trading fees on almost all ETFs — including funds from most of its rivals 

More Investors are Using ETFs to Mitigate Risk

Regulators Pass Streamlined Rules for ETFs

SEC Proposes Making It Easier to Start Exchange-Traded Funds

VanEck tries a third time for a bitcoin ETF

AI-Powered Int’l ETF Debuts

Smart-Beta Glut Has ETF Issuers Turning From Stocks to Bonds

A Momentum ETF In The June Spotlight

What Are ETFs?

Non-Core ETFs Join the Big Leagues

BlackRock Emerging Markets ETF Sees Most Withdrawals Since 2016

Here’s why small-cap stocks could be vulnerable to ETF outflows

Getting Smart On ETFs

The Role of Securities Lending in ETF Returns

Invesco Just Took Over $39 Billion of ETFs and Now It's Slashing Fees

Invesco Just Took Over $39 Billion of ETFs and Now It's Slashing Fees

ETFs’ Hidden Source of Return—Securities Lending


Asset managers eye loan ETFs as interest rates rise

ETFs see first back-to-back monthly outflows since the financial crisis

International ETFs Are Finally Turning Heads

The Business Of Seeding ETFs

ETF Bild's Richard Keary provides his take on Rule 5250 in Jackie Noblett's article, "Finra Reexamining Ban on ETF Payments to Market Makers."

ETF Education: Understanding Securities Lending

Smart Beta: Income ETFs

Fixed-income ETFs are an exciting growth story

Bitcoin ETFs Hit Regulatory Road Block

Insurers Get Money Management Right With ETFs

Schwab Adds 12 Commission-Free ETFs to Platform

Bitcoin ETF providers see new hope for approval

Swedish Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund Bigger Than 80% of US ETFs

Disrupt This! Innovation ETFs are storming the market

Opinion: Index funds now are part of an investor’s biggest problem

Vanguard Plans 1st Active ETFs

Seismic Sector Shift To Shake Up 30 ETFs

Who Are The Real Beneficiaries Of Lower Fund-Trading Fees?

Less than 18 percent of global stocks owned by index investors: BlackRock

Wall Street’s Newest Puzzle: What Passive Buying and Selling Means for Individual Stocks

Sustainable" Funds Lag Behind Booming ETFs

Long and Short Bitcoin ETFs Filed with the SEC

Beware Of Liquidity Issues In ETF Market

AQR Files For ETFs

An ETF That Gains When Stock Market Volatility Eases Sees Record Inflows

More ETF Closures For August

ETFs Make Value Investing Easier

Emerging Market Assets "Increasingly Influenced" by ETF Investors

Fees Exacerbated A Lost Decade ForActive Managers

ETFs are hot everywhere but workplace retirement plans

BlackRock Doesn't Mind Being Early to This Smart Beta Party

Passive investing just blew past 2016’s record level

ETF Bubble? Nope, Says Schwab’s Kleintop

MiFID Seen Sending European ETFs Over Trillion Dollar Mark

Smaller Foreign ETFs Beating The Big Boys

FINRA to Conduct T+2 Tests on August 19

SEC Delays Decision on Sale of Chicago Stock Exchange to Chinese Investors

Labor Department Seeks 18-Month Delay in Fiduciary Rule

Is Innovation Dying in the ETF Industry?

European ETFs jump in first half of 2017

Active Management Could Be Next ‘Engine of Growth’ for ETF Industry

‘So Many Ways to Say Boring’: Trading in a Popular ETF Slumped to the Lowest in a Decade

How The Big 3 ETF Issuers Got So Big

BlackRock Makes Steep Fee Cuts to Socially Responsible ETFs

ETF trading volumes drop amid low levels of volatility

Vanguard Switches up Benchmarks for 3 Bond Funds and ETFs

ETFs are taking over the world, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop them

Why Smart Beta Has Not Proliferated in the Fixed Income Space

Nikko Asset Management acquires minority stake in ARK Invest

New ETF Jumps Into Pro Sports

ProShares Adds Equity ETF Designed for Rising Rates: Portfolio Products

ETFs/ETPs listed in Europe reach a new record of US$686 billion

WisdomTree files put-write ETF

Fidelity Tries to Out-Vanguard Vanguard With Latest Fee Cuts

Uncertainty Can Create Confidence

The biggest bond ETF provider says business may double in next five years

An Options Strategy for Long-Term ETF Investors

Bond ETF Segment Has More Room to Grow

First Trust launches actively managed global currencies ETF